React Hooks


Hook for accepting an auction, accessing the active process step as well as the transaction hash.

This action can only be executed by the creator of the auction.


import { AcceptAuctionStep, useAcceptAuction } from '@nft/hooks'
import React from 'react'
export default function Component() {
  const signer = undefined // type of "Signer & TypedDataSigner" Get the signer from the wallet. Need to be an Ethers Signer (
  const [acceptAuction, { activeStep, transactionHash }] =
  const handleClick = async () => {
    await acceptAuction('c59af08c-38d2-11ed-a261-0242ac120002')
  return (
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.INITIAL && (
        <button onClick={handleClick}>Accept Auction</button>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.RESOLVE_BEST_BID && (
        <p>Finding the best bid</p>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.APPROVAL_SIGNATURE && (
        <p>Please sign the message in wallet</p>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.APPROVAL_PENDING && (
        <p>Message signature is pending</p>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.TRANSACTION_SIGNATURE && (
        <p>Please sign transaction in wallet</p>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.TRANSACTION_PENDING && (
        <p>Transaction is pending</p>
      {activeStep === AcceptAuctionStep.OWNERSHIP && <p>Verifying ownership</p>}
      {transactionHash && <p>Transaction hash is {transactionHash}</p>}


  signer: Signer | undefined, // Ethers signer:

Return values

  (auctionId: string) => Promise<void>, // acceptAuction. function to accept an Auction
    activeStep: AcceptAuctionStep, // returns different values depending on the current acceptation step
    transactionHash: string | undefined, // returns the transaction hash after transaction has been placed on the blockchain


Function to accept an auction for an NFT.


auctionId: string // ID of the auction to accept


The status of the action as an enum AcceptAuctionStep executed in this order. Once the auction has been accepted, the state returns to AcceptAuctionStep.INITIAL

enum AcceptAuctionStep {
  INITIAL, // Default
  RESOLVE_BEST_BID, // Looks for and accepts the highest bid
  APPROVAL_SIGNATURE, // The message has been signed
  APPROVAL_PENDING, // The message is being processed on the blockchain
  TRANSACTION_SIGNATURE, // The transaction has been signed
  TRANSACTION_PENDING, // The transaction is being processed on the blockchain
  OWNERSHIP, // The ownership is being verified


The hash of the blockchain transaction of the accepted auction. This is only accessible after the approval of the transaction (after AcceptAuctionStep.TRANSACTION_PENDING). It is reset after step AcceptAuctionStep.OWNERSHIP.