React Hooks


Hook to request to get the current user account verified by admins. This is an optional feature.


import { useVerifyAccount } from '@nft/hooks'
import React from 'react'
export default function Component() {
  const signer = undefined // type of "Signer & TypedDataSigner" Get the signer from the wallet. Need to be an Ethers Signer (
  const [verifyAccount, { loading }] = useVerifyAccount(signer)
  const handleClick = async () => {
    await verifyAccount() // Request to verify the current signer's wallet address
  return (
    <button onClick={handleClick} disabled={loading}>
      Verify account


  signer: Signer | undefined, // Ethers signer:

Return values

  () => Promise<string>, // verifyAccount. Function to request to verify the account, returns the verification status of the account
    loading: boolean, // Returns "true" when the request is still under review


Requests for an account to be verified.

Returns AccountVerificationStatus:

  Pending: 'PENDING', // account verification is still pending
  Rejected: 'REJECTED', // account verification has been rejected
  Validated: 'VALIDATED' // account verification is validated


Returns true when the request to verify the account is still under review.