Starter Kit

Starter kit

The starter kit is fully fledged NFT marketplace running on the Liteflow infrastructure to showcase the uses of the infrastructure and/or be used as a starter kit to launch a product fast.

This application is fork-able on this repository: (opens in a new tab).

Features included

The Marketplace template includes the following features:

  • Open collections (User-generated content)
    • Mint ERC-721
    • Mint ERC-1155
    • Creator's royalties support
  • Featured NFTs on the home page
  • Search system
  • Explore NFTs with filtering and sorting systems
  • Native currency and ERC20 support
  • List NFTs on sale
    • Fixed price listing
    • Timed auction listing
  • Make offers on NFTs
    • Open offer
    • Timed auction offer
  • Purchase NFTs
  • User profile
    • Account
      • Profile edition
      • Wallet page
    • NFTs "on sale"
    • NFTs "owned"
    • NFTs "created"
    • Offers ("bids") management
    • Trades history
    • Listings ("offers") management
  • User verification system (verified status)
  • Report system
    • Report a user
    • Report an NFT
  • Notifications
    • In-app notifications
    • Email notifications
  • NFT history (activity)
    • Minted
    • Listed
    • Purchased
    • Transfered
  • Wallet connection with
    • Metamask
    • Coinbase
    • WalletConnect
    • Magic link

It also includes compatibility with the following features:

  • Multi-language compatibility
  • Credit card payment gateway compatibility
  • Email connection compatibility

Additional Paid Features Showcased

The Marketplace template showcases the following additional paid features:

  • Lazymint for NFTs
  • Unlockable content for NFTs
  • Multicurrency support
  • Advanced fee customization support
  • Referral system

Libraries used

The Marketplace template is based on the following tech stack