Environmental variables

VariableDescriptionValue example
NEXT_PUBLIC_ETHEREUM_PROVIDERURL of the web3 provider used (opens in a new tab) API key if the email wallet is activatedpk_live_XXX
NEXT_PUBLIC_FEATURED_TOKENList of NFTs to highlight on the homepage (separated by a comma)1-0x...-123...,1-0x...-456,1-0x...789
NEXT_PUBLIC_GRAPHQL_URLLiteflow graphql endpoint (opens in a new tab)
NEXT_PUBLIC_UPLOAD_URLLiteflow upload API endpoint (opens in a new tab)
NEXT_PUBLIC_CHAIN_IDChain ID used for the application1
NEXT_PUBLIC_HOME_TOKENSList of tokens to display in the featured tokens (separated by a comma)1-0x...-123...,1-0x...-456,1-0x...789
NEXT_PUBLIC_BUGSNAG_API_KEYKey for Bugsnag to track errorsxxxxxx
NEXT_PUBLIC_OFFER_VALIDITY_IN_SECONDSDuration in second of a valid offer2419200
NEXT_PUBLIC_AUCTION_VALIDITY_IN_SECONDSDuration in second of a valid bid for an auction604800
NEXT_PUBLIC_BASE_URLBase URL for your platform (opens in a new tab)
NEXT_PUBLIC_MINTABLE_COLLECTIONSList of collection addresses available for mint (separated by a comma)0x123...,0x456...
EMAIL_HOSTHost configuration for your email
EMAIL_PORTPort configuration for your email provider587
EMAIL_USERNAMEUsername configuration for your email providerapikey
EMAIL_PASSWORDPassword configuration for your email
EMAIL_FROMEmail from configuration for your email providerLiteflow <>
LITEFLOW_WEBHOOK_SECRETWebhook secret to receive event from the Liteflow infrastructurexxxxxx

View the env example file (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on March 13, 2023