Starter Kit


The starter kit has a few customizations out of the box to quickly customize based on your need. Of course, you can always customize even more by updating the different pages and components.


All metadata, like titles and descriptions, can be found directly in the head of all the pages in the ./pages directory and in the ./pages/_app.tsx file.

The navigation can be updated in the ./pages/_app.tsx or ./components/Navbar/Navbar.tsx.

The logo and images can be found in the ./public directory.


You can customize the wallet you want to activate for your marketplace directly in the ./connectors.ts file. By default, the fork contains the following wallets:


The theme is based on ChakraUI (opens in a new tab) and can be customized (opens in a new tab) in the /styles/theme.ts file.


The starter kit supports multi-language navigation thanks to next-translate (opens in a new tab). You can activate the locales for your application in the ./i18n.js file and edit your translations in the ./locales directory.