SDK Javascript

Core SDK

This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Liteflow Javascript SDK. The SDK allows you to access various modules such as Account, Asset, and Exchange.


First, you need to install the @liteflow/core package along with its ethers peer dependency. You can do this using npm with the following command:

npm i @liteflow/core

Creating a Client

After installation, you can create a client to access the different modules of the Liteflow SDK. To create a client, you will need an API key, which can be obtained from the Liteflow dashboard at (opens in a new tab).

Here is a sample code snippet to create a client:

import { Client } from '@liteflow/core'
const client = new Client('API_KEY')

User Authentication

To authenticate a user, you need to pass the authorization in the options while creating the client. Here's how you can do it:

new Client('API_KEY', { authorization: 'xxxx' })

Using Modules

The core library is divided into different modules that you can use to perform various actions. Here are some of the modules:

  • Account: Allows you to execute actions on an account.
  • Asset: Lets you perform actions related to NFTs (also known as Assets).
  • Exchange: Enables you to exchange NFTs and create various offers.

You can access these modules directly from the client using the following structure:


In the above structure, MODULE is the module you want to use, and ACTION is the action you want to execute.

For example, if you want to list a token in the exchange module, you can do it as follows:

That's it! You are now ready to use the Liteflow Javascript SDK.