NFT Data

NFT Data

The NFT Data solution serves as a comprehensive toolkit for aggregating, synchronizing, and retrieving NFT data across diverse blockchains. Designed to simplify the complexities of blockchain data, our product facilitates near-instantaneous indexing of NFTs, making data accessible through a robust set of APIs, SDKs, and customizable templates.

Our indexing solutions are designed to interact with a range of blockchains, ensuring comprehensive data collection including ownership details, transfer histories, and market activities. By standardizing this data, we empower you with efficient query capabilities using our GraphQL API or directly within our SDKs.


Multi-Blockchain Compatibility

Unify NFT data management across various blockchains.

Dedicated API & SDK

Provide streamlined, direct access to synchronized NFT data.

Efficient Querying

Employ user-friendly GraphQL queries for hassle-free data retrieval.

Selective Indexing

Tailor your indexing preferences by choosing specific collections to include in your dataset.

Real-Time Indexing

Receive immediate indexing updates following transaction confirmations.

Historical Records

Access a comprehensive activity history of your NFTs.

How to Use It

Collection Indexing

Log in to the Liteflow dashboard, and either choose to import an existing NFT collection or create a new one to match your business specifications.

Access Methods

Retrieve synchronized NFT data using the marketplace template, SDK, or GraphQL API, according to your specific requirements.

Data Oversight

Monitor and manage NFT data through the dashboard for a complete view of your NFT landscape.