Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging

Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging

The Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging solution harnesses the XMTP protocol (opens in a new tab) to enable direct and secure communication across wallets. This product is versatile, supporting social, commercial, and support interactions, and can be incorporated into any application or used via our dedicated chat template.


Universal Compatibility

Integrate the messaging solution into any app environment with ease.

Instant Messaging

Enable real-time chat capability for immediate and dynamic communication.

Versatile Interactions

Adapt to any context from casual conversations to business discussions.

Seamless Wallet Connection

If users are connected, they're ready to chat—no additional steps required.

Brand Customization

Tailor the chat aesthetics to align with your brand identity.

Custom User Profiles

Customize chat profiles to reflect wallet-associated data for a personalized touch.

How to Use It

Marketplace Integration

The messaging system comes pre-integrated with our marketplace template, streamlining setup.

Standalone Application Setup

Deploy the messaging solution as a separate app using our chat template for specialized communication platforms.

Custom Application Integration

Utilize the @nft/chat library to embed the Chat component directly into your application for a personalized implementation.