NFT Exchange

NFT Exchange

The NFT Exchange solution serves as a dynamic connector for NFT owners and potential buyers. It streamlines the process of creating, listing, and managing NFT offers through the use of smart contracts, APIs, and SDKs. Additionally, it provides businesses with the tools to set custom fees, consolidate offers, track sales from various platforms, and oversee transactions in real time.

Operating on the community-endorsed Rarible Protocol (opens in a new tab), our Exchange ensures that all smart contracts are thoroughly audited (opens in a new tab), open-source, and managed by the Rarible DAO.


Smart Contract Integration

Facilitate secure, trustless transactions through integrated smart contracts.

Customizable Fees

Tailor transaction fees to suit your business model, with the flexibility to implement specific rules and parameters.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with instant alerts on sales and offers via our webhook support.

Instant Liquidity

Achieve instant liquidity through the synchronization of offers from major existing marketplaces.

Sales Aggregation

Gauge and compare your sales performance with other marketplaces to make data-driven decisions

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor all sales activities directly from the dashboard, ensuring you are always in the loop.

How to Use It

Dashboard Configuration

Log in to the Liteflow dashboard, and list your collections, either by importing an existing collection or creating a new one tailored to your preferences.

Fee Customization

Utilize the plugin section within the dashboard to set your desired transaction fees, or alternatively, create a bespoke plugin for unparalleled flexibility.

Integration Options

Opt for the marketplace template for swift and straightforward setup, or leverage our SDK and API for a more tailored integration into your existing application.

Webhook Setup

Configure webhooks to receive real-time notifications, keeping you abreast of all relevant activities.

Continuous Oversight

Continuously monitor sales and other pertinent activities via the dashboard, ensuring efficient management and valuable insights.